Susanna Hood (Voice, Dance)

Tiohtià:ke/Montreal-based performer, maker and teacher in both dance and music, Susanna Hood has devoted her career to synthesizing voice and movement within her dynamic practice, creating intimate, sensual and raw performances both in dance-theatre contexts as well as in the context of improvised music. Founder and former artistic director of interdisciplinary performance company hum dansoundart (2000–2013) her work has been marked by significant collaborations with musical artists Nilan Perera (improvisational duo dialogues; and choreographic musical works still, She’s gone away, Shudder), John Oswald (Spinvolver), and Scott Thomson (as band member of The Rent (repertoire by Steve Lacy) and The Disguises; and as co-creator/performer of The Muted Note – songs and dances setting the poetry of P.K. Page). Her most recent creations (Music Is, 2016, and Impossibly Happy, 2019) have been driven by her own musical compositions arranging voices, instruments and movement. She developed a duo recording project with turntablist, Martin Tétreault,  Tortues Vapeur, mixing turntables, electronics, synthesizers, vocals and objects. They released their first disc on DAME’s Mikroclimat label in 2019 and a second in 2022. Susanna was the first dancer to join Weblogmusic!