How to perform with us

In short, you just record yourself playing along with the website!
  1. Set up your video recording software (e.g., iMovie, Windows Movie Maker) or (even better) an external video camera. Test your sound quality and levels, and check your shot to make sure it all looks and sounds good. Avoid letting your headphones/speakers leak into your audio signal (closed ear buds may be best for acoustic instrumentalists). See the FAQ for information on how best to set levels.
  2. Start recording audio/video.
  3. Load a mix by clicking it on the menubar of the Weblogmusic site and play with the ensemble!
  4. Upload your video to YouTube (click here). You can trim beginnings and endings after you upload the file  using YouTube’s video editor.
  5. E-mail the URL of your video to morris at and say which mix you played along with!

See the Performer’s FAQ for more information!

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