Nana Pi Aabo-Kim (saxophone, objects)

Nana Pi Aabo-Kim is a Copenhagen-based saxophone player, composer and conductor working mainly within the experimental jazz scene. She has developed her own unique vocabulary on the saxophone using objects and extended techniques and holds a master degree at the Music Conservatory in Malmö, Sweden. Her latest release “Sentiment” (Barefoot Records) was nominated for “DMA JAZZ” 2021 in the main category “Jazz Release of the Year” and was in April 2021 selected for “The Best Jazz On Bandcamp” by Dave Sumner. In addition to playing the saxophone, she is known for conducting improvisation with her music sign language “Extemporize”, for which she received the P8 Jazz Award “Fiery Soul Of The Year” in 2020. You can hear her in bands like Nezelhorns, Tactical Maybe, Extemporize Orchestra, Hey Nana I’m Halym, Platons Prank, Skärmtid and Coriolis.