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Weblogmusic is a digital pavillion in

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What’s it for?

  • Make music and performance art!
  • Build a community of performers around the world
  • Give aspiring improvisers an ensemble to rehearse with
  • Give composers a set of virtual collaborators to develop interactive compositions
  • Highlight the nature of communications technology as not-so-transparent factors in our communication and creativity
  • Use the network as a creative constraint, not a substitute for live presence

Using the structure of today’s screen-mediated communications, these performers contribute their parts one at a time, responding to what was played before, and together they build “born digital” performances that expose the delays and glitches of network communications and make something genuinely *human* with it.  As the audience, we witness performances that only exist in our web browsers, in the moments we’re viewing it. There can be no “definitive version” of the performance!

Weblogmusic: Taking the Mediatized Stage” ARTECH conference paper

a web-based community of improvising performers